2016 Game Results

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WEEK OF 2/28/16




Mystics 34, Sparks 26

The Mystics played the game of their season against an unbeaten Sparks squad, coming out on top 34-26. The game was a well-fought contest by both teams with all the girls playing their hardest at both ends. Dinaka Onoh led the Mystics with 10 points, most of which were put-backs after securing rebounds. Savannah Peak played her best game of the season, stepping up on defense throughout the game, snagging some key rebounds and adding 4 points to the tally. Macy Hanzlik-Barend also played terrific defense, switching and sliding her feet to stop drives by the Sparks players. Other scorers for the Mystics were Jess Berman (2), June Laub (8), Mia Jaworski (6) and Zoe Michini (4). The Mystics coaches could not be prouder of the girls.



WEEK OF 2/21/16




Sun 41, Shock 21

The Sun and Shock met for second time this season. The ball seemed to bounce the Sun’s way as they took early control of the game and never turned back.
Once the Sun settled into a comfortable first half lead, it was time for the Sun’s guards to share the rock with the Sun’s forwards and centers. Riina Crawford welcomed the idea and the opportunity of sinking a few baskets. Crawford posted up in and around the foul line just in time to receive some well-timed passes from her guards Ella Varano, Jess McNally and Elizabeth LaMarco. Crawford drove in deep and dropped the ball in the hoop despite a very tough Shock defense.
Center Ellie Parker and forward Ruth Nawy also took advantage of the Sun’s new game strategy as they became the recipients of perfectly fed passes in and through the lanes. Both Parker and Nawy fired a multitude of shots from in and outside the paint. Parker and Nawy aided the Sun’s win by tearing down a horde of offensive and defensive rebounds.

The Sun’s offensive charge was led by Ella Varano, Elizabeth LaMarco and Jess McNally. These three offensive generals passed, dribbled and shot the Sun into a 20-point second half lead.  The Sun’s offensive attack was aided by forwards Elizabeth York and Charlotte Kennedy who set picks on offense, played a tight defense and rebounded on both ends of the court.  With today’s win, the Sun’s record improves to 4-4. This talented team continues to play better basketball every week as the Sun strives for its place in the post season play-offs.


Dream 31, Mystics 22

The Mystics dropped their second game to the Dream, although improving over their last meeting. June Laub led the team with 10 points and Dinaka Onoh added 4. Four players scored one bucket: Aaliyah Sanchez; Jean-Lee Yim; Macy Hanzlik-Barend and Zoe Michini. Full court pressure in the 3rd quarter rattled the team, which was within one point at halftime. Strong defensive efforts were put in by Jess Berman, Mia Jaworski, Marisa Adams and Savannah Peak.



WEEK OF 2/14/16





Sun 48, Mystics 28

The fuse was lit and the Sun burst into action in week six of the 2016 basketball season.  Jess McNally led her team into one of the best offensive games the Sun has shown all year. Off of some well-placed picks set by her teammates, McNally drove deep into the Mystic’s territory. Once inside the Mystic defense, McNally popped jump shots in from every spot below the foul line.  Elizabeth LaMarco and Ella Varano eagerly met the bar set by McNally as they both took to the court with the same skillful dribbling and texted book jumps shots that would eventually be the key to the Sun’s third victory this year. Varano and LaMarco also implemented and executed a very successful third quarter full court press for the Sun.


With Sun’s offense running on all “5” cylinders, its defense made sure the mighty Sun had possession of the ball as much as possible. The Sun’s Lucy Buccilli took to the task of pressuring the Mystic guards. Buccilli forced more turnovers than any of the Sun players and refused to give up any ground while on defense. Deep under the offensive boards, Ellie Parker tore down more rebounds than she has all season. Parker fed her defensive rebounds to her guards and pushed her offensive rebounds back up to the boards.  Riina Crawford covered more court than any ten players can. If anyone ever says that centers can’t guard the top of the key, then that person never saw Riina Crawford play. In today’s game no one was safe as Crawford relentlessly covered guards, forwards, and centers alike.  Ruth Nawy decided to score a few points herself as she dropped the rock in the hoop from the baseline, inside and outside of the paint, and then just for good measure hit a few more from the foul line.
Not to be out done by the rest of the team, Elizabeth York mixed it up with the tall players in the paint and emerged with some hard fought rebounds. York was also the safety net for the Sun’s third quarter press. With York’s help, the Sun forced eight Mystic turnovers while in a full court press.  As the Sun’s 2016 season record is at 3-4, it is evident the Sun basketball team is continuing to improve and play better basketball every week.


The Mystics faced the Sun with a 6-person squad, due to school vacation and illness. Nevertheless, the girls were up for the game and everyone on the team put points on the board. Mia Jaworski scored 7 (her season highest), Savannah Paolitto and Dinaka Onoh each had 6, Aaliyah Sanchez added 4 and Marisa Adams and Zoe Michini each contributed 2. The girls never lost heart and maintained their integrity and sportsmanship throughout the game, playing hard at both ends throughout and making their coaches very proud. It's not always about the score!


WEEK OF 2/7/16




Dream 28, Sun 25

In week six of the WHGBL basketball season the Sun, faced the Dream team in what could be noted as the defensive battle of season thus far. The Sun needed to penetrate a tough and well coached Dream defense if they were to snatch a victory in today’s game. With some well-timed and quick precision passing by the Sun’s offensive guards, Jess McNally, Elizabeth LaMarco and Ella Varano, the Sun were able to move the ball around the defensive wall of the Dream as they patiently waited for an open shot. Unfortunately for the Sun, the ball just didn’t bounce their way today. Shot after shot bounced off the rim and backboards as the Sun struggled to find their groove.

The Sun’s defense is what kept them in the game as Ellie Parker, Riina Crawford and Ruth Nawy tore down countless rebounds and defended the Sun’s hoop which was pivotal in keeping the score tight. Charlotte Kennedy, and Elizabeth York contributed to the Sun’s offense by posting up to receive and deliver some key passes. York and Kennedy also pressured the Dream’s guards and forwards on defense.  The Sun’s third quarter press forced many Dream turn overs and for a brief moment it looked like the Sun might grab a hard earned victory. However the Sun continued to miss many of their shots in the second half of play and the Dream would capture the win with a 3-point lead at the final buzzer.


Lynx 39, Mystics 29

The Mystics faced the Lynx for the second time in the season. Whereas the first meeting went into double overtime, this second contest was a different story, with a couple of key contributors for the Mystics not able to attend the game. Aaliyah Sanchez gave it her all, scoring 13 of the Mystics’ points – her highest tally for the season. Other point contributors were Jean-Lee Yim (4), Marisa Adams (2), Mia Jaworski (4), Savannah Paolitto (4) and Zoe Michini (2). Savannah Peak snagged some key rebounds and Macy Hanzlik-Barend was strong on the defensive end.





Syracuse 24, UConn 14

Syracuse defeated a persistent UConn team by playing strong defense and working the ball around the court to find the open shot. Sidney Hudson crashed the boards for rebounds and sunk 3 baskets. Libbie Mohring scored off two fast breaks in a row, and Ruth Dunlap, Cindy Schumey, Lindsay Bailey and Bridget Tulikangas contributed to a strong Syracuse offense. It is amazing to watch the girls' progress from week to week.


Providence 22, Tennessee 12

Tennessee had a serious case of the post bye-week blues this Sunday. Despite some good shots, not much was hitting the bottom of the net today. The team will be working hard at practice this week to get back on track to winning our next game. Hats off to Team Providence for playing great "D" and taking the win today.


WEEK OF 1/31/16




Dream 42, Lynx 34

The short-handed Lynx today made a valiant effort against a very tough Team Dream! Isabella Mocadlo was the leading scorer for the Lynx today and worked hard on both ends of the court. The Lynx Guards (Ella Reilly, Hannah Mack and Olivia Marcella) were displaying their normal high level b-ball output of great passing and cutting to the basket! Helen Garde dug in on "D" and had a nice three-point play to end the game. The Lynx will regroup in the coming week and get back on the winning track next week with a full roster. Hat's off to the Dream for a very well-played game today!


Sparks 30, Sun 27

Every second of the 32 minutes the Sun and Sparks were on the court was equally exciting as these two team’s battled it out in week five of the season.The Sparks came into today’s game averaging 41 points a game. The Sun’s strategy was to hold this multi-talented team from lighting up the score board and that’s just what the Sun’s defense did. Elizabeth LaMarco, Riina Crawford, and Elizabeth York exhibited an amazing defensive effort as they forced the Sparks offense to take outside shots which resulted in many of The Sun’s defensive rebounds. Ruth Nawy, Ellie Parker and Charlotte Kennedy were the recipients of many of those defensive rebounds and pulled down an equal amount of offensive rebounds which were turned into the lion’s share of the Sun 27 points.While their teammates were working hard at keeping the Sparks offense from igniting, Jess McNally, Ella Varano and Lucy Buccilli exploded on offense as they trade the Sparks basket for basket while executing a persistent full court press through the third quarter.As the WHGBL reaches the midpoint of its 2016 season, the Sun basketball team continues to shine bright and prove without a doubt that they are a talented team and a force to be reckoned with.


Mystics 42, Shock 34

The Mystics posted a win over the Shock with a score of 42-33. The Mystics had to contend with some great plays by the Shock center to secure the win. The team was led in scoring by Aaliyah Sanchez and June Laub with 9 a piece, followed by Dinaka Onoh with 8, who continued her fierce work on the boards. Five other Mystics added to the talley: Mia Jaworski (2); Zoe Michini (2); Jean Lim (4); Marisa Adams (4) and Savannah Paolitto (4). Savannah Peak had a breakout game on defense, stepping in to deny some passes in the 3rd quarter which made the difference in the game. Also tenacious on defense were Macy Hanzlik-Barend and Aaliyah Sanchez.



WEEK OF 1/24/16




Sun 36, Lynx 29

Basketball does not get much more exciting than the matchup that was played between the Sun and the Lynx in week four of the season.  The Sun trailed the talented Lynx team throughout the first half of play as the Lynx outside shooters successfully hammered the hoops from every angle in the Sun’s territory.
Thanks to the relentless defensive efforts of Riina Crawford, Elizabeth York and Charlotte Kennedy, combined with Ruth Nawy and Ellie Parker’s rebounding skills, the Sun was able to keep the score within striking distance as the two exhausted teams broke for the half.

Down by 10 but filled with desire, the Sun took a deep breath and stepped onto the court to start the third quarter. The second half of play saw a more aggressive and focus Sun team as they tightened up their defense and played a more focused offense.  The Sun’s guards Lucy Bucilli, Elizabeth LaMarco, Ella Varano and Jess McNally implemented a full court press that not only stalled a gifted Lynx offense but gave the Sun their first lead of the game. After a chaotic third quarter, the Sun emerged up by 4.  In the final quarter of play, an inspired Sun team dug in deep and not only held the Lynx scoring to a minimum, but a disciplined Sun settled into a slow and meticulous offense which eared them a 7-point lead at the final buzzer.


Sparks 35, Mystics 19

The Mystics posted a second loss to an undefeated Sparks team with a score of 19-35. The game was closer than the score indicates, as the Mystics stayed close until the 4th quarter when the Sparks took advantage of some defensive lapses to go on a scoring blitz. Dinaka Onoh kept the Mystics in the game with a number of key rebounds and put-backs, scoring more than half of Mystics’ points. Macy Hanzlik-Barend played her best game of the season, with a few head’s up plays on both ends of the court. Jean Lim had an impressive outside bucket near game’s end and Mia Jaworski added two points to the total. The game gives the Mystics some areas to concentrate on in practice and they look forward to their next contest.





Tennessee 48, UConn 28

Team Tennessee is running on all cylinders! Every member of our team is making meaningful contributions in every game right now. The leading scoring honors go to Sophie Garner-McKinnon and Kerry Garde today. Both Sophie and Kerry had 10 points each along with a bunch of rebounds, assists and steals! The following Tennessee girls had 4 points each today: Brooke Nemirow, Sofia Cieplinski, Ella O'Connor, Grace Baumer, and Lydia Poulin. Sara Cao and Hailey Cyr had 4 points each which were also their first buckets of the season! Sarah Cao also had a tremendous day on the boards with 5 rebounds and 1 assist! The coaches would like to thank all the girls today for all of the great passing, rebounding and smart dribbling that was so important in todays victory!  UCONN showed great team spirit and gave a terrific effort today!


Syracuse 18, Providence 12

Syracuse and Providence had a great game on Sunday. Trudging in after a snowstorm the players showed lots of energy and enthusiasm. Providence played great defense and passed brilliantly. Syracuse rebounded and shot well. Lindsay Bailey made a sweet baseline jump shot. Mariah Hill played great transition defense. Bridget Tulikangas took the ball to the basket hard and dished the ball off nicely to her teammates. Great effort for both teams.


WEEK OF 1/17/16




Sun 32, Shock 20

If you could not see the Sun shining on this cloudy January afternoon, then you weren’t inside the Sedgwick School gymnasium for week three of the W.H.G.B.L. 2016 basketball season as the Sun shined bright in their match up with a tough Shock team.  The two teams traded points back and forth and at the end of the first quarter both squads were locked in a defensive battle that saw very few shots drop.


However, the second quarter would play out a bit differently as the Sun began to work together as a well-oiled machine.  Kenia Ferreira was having the best game of her career. After sinking a tie breaking shot, Ferreira rolled her ankle deep in the paint as she lost her balance reaching high for a defensive rebound. The injury would keep her out for the entire game.  Seeing their teammate limp to the bench the Sun seemed to be inspired as they pulled to a comfortable lead just before the half. The Sun’s Ellie Parker and Ruth Nawy refused to allow any offensive or defensive rebounds land in their opponent’s hands. Both Parker and Nawy also found the inside of the hoop to aid their team with today’s win. Riina Crawford and Elizabeth York worked overtime with a solid offensive and defensive performance. Crawford and York played separate quarters and were the mainstay of the Sun’s offensive and defensive game.  As the Sun broke out their full court press in the third quarter Charlotte Kennedy and Lucy Bucilli forced several turnovers and fed some well-timed passes on many of the Sun’s fast breaks.
The Sun’s guards Elizabeth LaMarco, Ella Varano and Jess McNally read and reacted gracefully to a talented Shock defense. These three multitalented players pop in shots from deep outside and pressure their opponents as they attempted to cross mid-court into Sun territory. The Sun basketball team owes their win to an all-around great team effort in which each player contributed to their well-earned victory.


Sparks 44, Lynx 33

The Lynx put together a strong effort today against a well-played game by the Sparks. Isabella Mocadlo was the team leading scorer with 14 points and also had an excellent defensive game as well. Mia Olson, Ella Reilly, Olivia Marcella and Hannah Mack were all consistently slashing to the basket in a full-out fashion with 100% effort. Imani Levy, Helen Garde, and Katherine George played very tough "D" from start to finish today. Chase Gengras was very active on both ends of the court and was getting in key rebounding position that led to some exciting Lynx buckets. Rylie Dagnall and Ella Harrington played with great enthusiasm that was appreciated by their fellow teammates. Even with today's loss we gained key experience that will help us progress towards our next victory!


Dream 26, Mystics 13

The Mystics posted their first loss of the season against the Dream with a score of 13-26. Unforced turnovers plagued the Mystics and prevented them from getting into any kind of rhythm in the game. Jean Yim, June Laub, Mia Jaworski and Savannah Paolitto put up points for the Mystics. Dinaka Onoh grabbed a good share of rebounds and Aaliyah Sanchez played some good defense, using her outstanding speed. Onward and upward!




Tennessee 27, Georgetown 10

Tennessee is on a roll! Despite the fact that we were short handed on players today, the girls really stepped-up and played a great game! Lydia Poulin had a HUGE game today with 12 points, 5 rebounds and 8 steals! Lydia also secured the coveted team "tasty jumper award" with 3 long-range bombs that all hit nothing but net! Sophie Garner-McKinnon continues to be steady as a rock for her team with 10 points, 9 rebounds and 2 steals. Brooke Nemirow played her best game so far with 4 points, and 8 rebounds. Our "D" queens today were Kerry Garde with 5 rebounds and 3 steals. Do not mess with the following two girls - Juliette Zinn Rowthorn and Hailey Cyr - just plain unbelievable "D"!  Carly Poulin, Sara Cao and Sadie Rueckert rounded-out the well-balance Tennessee attack today.  Hats off to Team Georgetown for their effort today.


Syracuse 32, Providence 24

Providence hosted Syracuse in a hard fought game this Sunday. Providence had great hustle and played strong defense. Syracuse was able to make some close baskets down the stretch to come away with a victory. Tessa Hache was a tenacious rebounder. Lindsay Bailey made some beautiful passes for assists. Libbie Mohring led both teams from the foul line making half her shots. Credit should go to both teams for playing hard and displaying great sportsmanship.



WEEK OF 1/10/16




Mystics 27, Sun 20

The Mystics tallied their second win of the season against the Sun in a hard fought contest. The Mystics had the lead in the first quarter, but the Sun were able to tie the score in the second quarter due to some well-set screen plays which netted the Sun points. The Mystics were able to adjust during half time and put up 8 points to start the third quarter. High scorer for the Mystics was Dinaka Onoh with 10, most were put-backs after rebounds she secured. Jean Lim, Mia Jaworski, June Laub and Savannah Paolitto also contributed points. Savannah Peak demonstrated strong defense and also made some key rebounds, and Zoe Michini and Macy Hanzlik-Barend hustled from end to end. Aaliyah Sanchez created turmoil on defense and used her speed to come up with a number of steals.


In the second week of the WHGBL season, the Sun met a formidable Mystic squad.  In the first quarter of play it would be the mighty Sun team that set the standard of play by scoring the game’s first points while holding the seasoned Mystic offense at bay.  Rebounding and a solid defense would be the key for the Sun to stay in this game. Thanks to the efforts of the Sun’s Ellie Parker, Ruth Nawy, and Rinia Crawford who pounded the boards and protected the paint, the score remained close throughout the entire game. These three senior teammates stepped up to the challenge set by their coaches and worked tirelessly on both offense and defense.

The Sun also depended on the versatility of new comers Elizabeth York, Charlotte Kennedy, Lucy Bucilli and Kenia Ferreira who rotated in as guards, forwards and even centers. These players never played the same position twice and handled their assignments on the court like a veteran basketball player would.
The Sun felt the effects of last week’s injuries as they scrambled to fill the leadership role at point guard. The Sun assigned rookies Elizabeth LaMarco and Ella Varano to the task of commanding the Sun’s offense and neither of them would disappoint. With the utmost confidence these two generals pounded the rock up court and drove into and by the Mystics defenders. Their well-timed passes along with some amazing ball handling skills enable the Sun to penetrate deep into Mystic territory for the easy shot.  The Sun basketball team continues improve and has shown their opponents that they are a force to be reckoned with.





Tennessee 37, Maryland 20

Tennessee shook-off the holiday blues and came back firing on all cylinders in Week 2! The coaches were simply blown-away from the total team offensive and defensive effort that every player on Tennessee demonstrated today.

Sophie Garner-McKinnon was the leading scoring today with nine points and accomplished those points by getting in great position under the basket and using the back-board to her advantage the whole game long. Right behind Sophie on the offensive end was Lydia Poulin with eight points. Lydia had a break-through game today, amazing the crowd with her “O” and “D” and also winning by the prestigious team “Tasty-Jumper” award with a magnificent 3-pointer late in the game! Kerry Garde made an incredible effort today by scoring eight points and contributing 11 rebounds! Ella O’Connor played incredibly hard adding four points along with making some key plays along the way. Congrats to Carly Poulin for her first bucket today and to all of the other girls for their strong play and encouragement to their teammates. Hats off to Team Maryland for not giving-up and making a strong comeback in the 2nd half by scoring 20 points!


North Carolina 34, Villanova 20

The warm temperatures outside were nothing compared to heat on the court in North Carolina’s second game of the season. Effort is the name of the game for this year’s North Carolina team, and the hustling Tar Heels improved to 2-0 with a 34-20 victory over Villanova. Strong team defense highlighted the afternoon. Kate Parker showed particularly strong effort with a total of five steals/jump balls. Anabel Dease and Lola Rittlinger controlled the offensive game from the point guard position, and smart interior passing gave the Tar Heels an improved offensive presence in the second game of the season. Olivia Pillow, Lola Rittlinger, Bella Gwiazdoski, Maddie Adams, and Shannon Daly contributed points for North Carolina, and Chloe Polk led the team with 16 points! Great effort from all, North Carolina!


Syracuse 21, Georgetown 9

Syracuse played a great game to defeat a tough Georgetown team. Mariah Hill had a great all-round game, controlling the ball, rebounding, scoring, and even making Syracuse's first foul shot of the season. Sydney Hudson played tough defense, showed great hustle and put points on the scoreboard. Tesse Hache crashed the boards for great rebounds and Lindsay Bailey played tough defense. Serena Rache forced turnovers with her scrappy defense, and Emily Steadman pulled down rebounds and used her height to make it tough for Georgetown to score. Bridget Tulikangas showed great leadership, aggressiveness, and scoring prowess. Ruth Dunlap scored, rebounded, and played with her usual determination. Amanda Hungerford showed great ball handling and offensive skills. Libbie Mohring led the offense, bringing the ball up and leading several fast breaks.




Hawks 32, Bantams 20

The Bantams played the Hawks in their second game of the season. Despite their efforts, their shots just couldn't find their way to the basket. Natalie Jopeck scored 4 points and stood out on both offense and defense for her aggressive playing. Dani DiGiacomo again played a fantastic game, and scored a personal record of 8 points! Despite their loss to the Hawks, the girls rallied hard and played well.



WEEK OF 1/3/2016




Dream 31, Sun 27

The West Hartford Girls Basketball League tipped off their 2016 season with an exciting nail biter between The Sun and The Dream.

The Sun came out strong and by the end of the first quarter found themselves ahead of the Dream by 7. Guards Jess McNally and Elizabeth LaMarco led the offense by driving the lanes off some well-timed picks and screen set up by center Rina Crawford, while forwards Lucy Buccilli and Kenia Ferreira sealed the outside of the paint.  Next, Ella Varano took control of the offense and leaned on her center Ellie Parker to post up and receive some high passes which she fed to forwards Elizabeth York and Ruth Nawy. After a strong first quarter Varano would leave the game with an elbow injury.  Both of the Sun’s squads buckled down on defense to hold the Dream to single digits in the first half.


The third and fourth quarters would see the lead switch back and forth as these talented athletes battled relentlessly on offense and defense. Down by 4 and with less than a minute to play, the mighty Sun shined bright by tying up the game. But their efforts would come at a cost as Jess McNally who was tossed out of the paint by a tough Dream defense fell and left the game with an injured wrist.

When the game went into overtime the Sun’s injuries and a tough Dream team would result in a loss for the Sun in their season opener. 


Mystics 34, Lynx 32

The fans could not have asked for a more exciting game as the Mystics opened their season against the Lynx. There were several lead changes during the game, but after regulation play, the score was tied at 32. It remained tied after the first OT period! Finally, during the second OT period, Jessica Berman of the Mystics was able to put the ball through the hoop and secure the win for the Mystics! Everyone on both sides played hard throughout. The Mystics were happy to welcome back Aaliyah Sanchez, who had been out with an ankle injury before the holiday break. She came back with a vengeance, scoring 11 of the team’s points. June Laub added another 7, and in total 6 out of 10 Mystic players added points. Everyone contributed to the defensive effort, with some key plays made by Dinaka Onoh, Savannah Paolitto and Marisa Adams.





North Carolina 26, Tennessee 16

The North Carolina girls had a strong start to their season with a 26-16 win over Tennessee. Total team effort by every player and persistent defense helped give the Tar Heels the edge in this game. On defense, Chloe Polk lead the team with 5 blocks, and each player hustled throughout the game to make tough shots for the opponents and gain an advantage on rebounds. On offense, eight of the eleven players scored including: Lila Pierce, Lola Rittlinger, Addison O’Connell, Shannon Daly, Annabel Dease, Olivia Pillow, Isabella Gwiazdoski, Maddie Adams, and Nora Hanlon who lead North Carolina with 12 points. As the game progressed, passing improved and allowed the Tar Heels to have a strong second half of scoring!


Team Tennessee played a strong opening game today against a tough team North Carolina. We did our best to shake off the holiday break and dive headfirst into the 2016 Basketball season.  Team Tennessee's leading scorer, Sophia Cieplinski, (6 points) went down and out with a scary knee bruise late in the game (but seemed to be OK afterwards). Unfortunately with Sophia out of the game, our team lost its momentum and never recovered. 


Grace Baumer and Sophie Garner-MacKinnon both had excellent games and scored 4 points each.  Sophie also scored the "ice-breaker" first Tennessee bucket this season.  Hailey Cyr amazed the coaches today with her outstanding defensive effort and seemed to be everywhere on the court!  Lydia Poulin pushed the ball hard up the court all game long and demonstrated her ability to shoot an impressive long-range jumper.  Juliette Zinn-Rowthorn, Sara Cao, Carly Poulin  and Sadie Rueckert all gave it 100% effort  today and made the team Tennessee coaches proud.  We all had a great learning experience and look forward to the rest of the season!


Providence 20, Georgetown 10

In the first game of the season, Providence and Georgetown played a highly competitive game until Providence pulled away with a victory. Providence had 8 different girls score led by Lily Agosta with 6pts. Great defensive effort by the entire team led by Gabrielle Wojdyl with 5 steals.


Maryland 14, Syracuse 14

Two closely-matched teams battled it out to a tie game when Maryland met Syracuse in the season opener. Maryland's outside shooting was matched by Syracuse's tough defense, lead by Bridget Tulikangas and Ruth Dunlap. Syracuse's Amanda Hungerford scored the first basket of the season, and Libbie Mohring led a fast break that finished in a perfect layup. Syracuse players showed great energy and hustle as they fought back from a 6-point deficit to secure the tie. We're looking forward to the girls continuing to improve over the rest of the season!




Bantams 26, Owls 14

The Bantams played well in their first game of the season against the Owls. Lila Moshka and Mary Haddad both were high scorers earning 6 points each! Danielle DiGiacomo proved to be both an excellent point guard as well as aggressive on defense. Overall, an excellent effort was put forth by every member of the team.


The Owls came together for the first game of the season against the Bantams and gave it a great effort. To start the game Arissa took the first shot of the game which was followed by great defense by the Owls. Naomi had terrific hustle to steal the ball. The Owls took more shots- one taken by Rowan and another by Jalyn, but they just didn't fall through the hoop. For the start of the 2nd quarter Hannah took a good shot then Arissa had a great steal to give her team another try. Next up was Anna taking a shot. The end of the 2nd quarter the Owls were determined to score and the girls on the bench were firing the team up: Emma took two shots, followed by Rowan, then Emma for three more. Each shot was so close!! Alison got a shot off followed by a final one from Emma. The 3rd quarter started the same with great defense by both teams. Jalyn, Mattie, and Hannah all took great shots, but still no score. Towards the end of the 3rd quarter Naomi stole the ball and took it down for a shot...so close!. Anna give it another go and scored! The Owls were on the scoreboard!! She followed with another basket towards the end of the quarter and Emma took another great shot. The Owls were pumped up at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Anna took another shot, followed by one more but they just didn't fall. Naomi took a shot and the determined Owls followed with great defense to steal the ball. At the end of the game Emma took a shot, then Alison, and a final shot by Anna at the buzzer gave the Owls a final score. Though the Owls lost to the tough Bantams, both teams hustled and played solid defense the whole game. The Owls are ready to take on their next opponent and improve after their first game!


Bulldogs 22, BlueJays 20

The Bulldogs and Blue Jays played an exciting 1st game of the season and the Bulldogs were fortunate to squeak out a very tight 22-20 game. While the Bulldogs took a sizeable lead in the first half, the Blue Jays stormed back in the 3rd quarter to cut the lead to 2.  All players on the Bulldogs contributed to the victory. Lily got the Bulldogs on the board with the first team basket of the season and other key players on offense were Sadie, Abby, Talia, and Isabella.  On Defense, the whole team should be recognized for its efforts. In particular, Rylan, Frankie, Kathleen, Ashley, Piper, Nory, and Julia stood out.  th teams are looking forward to a rematch on Feb 28th!


West Hartford

Girls Basketball League (WHGBL)

All girls in grades 3-8, regardless of experience, are welcome to play.


West Hartford

Girls Basketball League (WHGBL)

All girls in grades 3-8, regardless of experience, are welcome to play.


West Hartford

Girls Basketball League (WHGBL)

All girls in grades 3-8, regardless of experience, are welcome to play.


West Hartford

Girls Basketball League (WHGBL)

All girls in grades 3-8, regardless of experience, are welcome to play.

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